Why your first blog post is so overrated

For the past week I’ve sat writing post after post, never being fully satisfied with the content. It got to 11:43pm last night and I had finally given up. That’s it, no blog post, ever. I had seven drafts and no content worthy to be my first blog post.


Infuriated with my inability to write a decent post, I turned to my friend who has been running two blogs for a while and asked her how she does it. Her response “you light a few candles, say help me Jesus and waffle”. With this insightful advice, here I am today, giving it another shot. Whatever is written, is posted, because life doesn’t get second drafts. I know, profound.

Although right now I don’t have any candles to light, I did have a good nights sleep and a fresh direction for my first blog post. So, how do you write your first blog post?

Heck if I know, and I mean, that’s kind of the fun of it! – This statement doesn’t just relate to my first blog post. In a way, it’s what I would like this blog to focus on.

I am 23 and honestly, before university I was like “yeah, my life is going to be sorted by the time I’m 23” and frankly, I struggle to do my own laundry. Transitioning from university into post-student life, adulthood, is bloody tough. But, a lot of it is also exciting.

I’m fresh out of university, fresh out of my parents house and fresh out of ideas. What could go wrong in starting a blog?


8 thoughts on “Why your first blog post is so overrated

    1. Hi Donna, thanks for the link, it’s a really interesting post and I had no idea about meet and greet posts- I do think I left a comment introducing myself but it asked me to log in again so we’ll see- hah!

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  1. I love this post. I myself was nervous about starting but I figured if I get any criticsm or anything like that I will have something to help me improve from. I figured that it couldn’t be perfect but as long as I enjoyed it and learned along the way it would be great. Again this writing is amazing and seems so natural and fun to read.


    1. Hey! Thank you for commenting. That’s exactly how I feel about blogging right now, I have a few different interests so I want to talk about them all, until I know where my blog is taking me! But to begin with I think just being natural, enjoying what you do, and taking on others comments really helps. Thanks again!

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