Congratulations, you’ve reached level 23

As I finish a 56-minute game of Conquest on SMITE, I open my laptop. I begin typing and here you are, reading my history as a gamer.

I can’t exactly remember a life without video games. My dad was an avid PS1 gamer and he bought one for my family the Christmas of its release (September, 1995). I was born in 1994, so I guess by the time I began forming memories – video games were already part of my life. I couldn’t tell you what the first video game I played was.

I could, however, tell you the first video game I owned, that was truly mine. Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue! (1999). I never thought about it, but that makes me 5 years old. 5 years old and I would sit, legs crossed in front of the TV, looking up- wide eyed and drawn to a different world.


A few years later, I was given my first handheld console- A special addition Pokémon Game Boy Colour. Looking back now, Pokémon was the first game that actually had made me friends with someone, during my break at school I would trade Pokémon with a guy called James and we shortly became best buds. Around the same time I got my Game Boy, I was fortunate enough to also have a PlayStation 2. I spent a lot of time on games like Kingdom Hearts (2002), Sly Racoon (2002), Fahrenheit (2005) and GTA: San Andreas (2005)- It was a great time for gaming!

After 2006, I stopped playing as many games as I did. I had turned 12 had started making friends and my mom would allow me to hang out with them after school, which meant less time for video games. The same year I had a Nintendo Wii, which was all the craze at the time but I didn’t play often. Despite the PlayStation 3 being released the same year, I hadn’t enough interest to warrant getting one.

4 years later, 16 year old me had been playing PS2’s Fahrenheit when I found out that Quantic Dream, the video game’s developer, were releasing a new game called Heavy Rain (2010), which would be exclusive to PlayStation. I bought the game and played it on my family PS3. There I was again, 16, sat in front of the TV, crossed legs- wide eyed and drawn to a different world.


When I turned 18 and moved to London for University, I couldn’t live without a PS3 so bought my own. When an urge to game struck, my PS3 awaited. I had gotten introduced to Steam through my University Gaming Society and I began buying every indie game out there- normal girls in a shoe sale is me in a Steam sale. This didn’t last too long though because my student PC couldn’t sustain the long gaming sessions. I could barely get a few games of Gmod Murder out of it before it would burn my lap.

I got my PS4 in the January Sales 2016. I hadn’t played on it too much throughout year though as I was too busy studying for my Masters. Come September 2016, I finished my degree and was job hunting. Through this time of boredom I began playing SMITE and over the past few months, I’ve started playing online with people from a PS4 community for a couple of hours a night.

I’m now 23 and to be honest, I’m more of a gamer now than I ever was. I have the PlayStation symbols tattooed on my ankle and have two degrees, both of which my dissertation focused on video games.  My dad is still an avid PlayStation gamer and he is 44. I don’t think age will ever erode the love I have gained for gaming over the years. What is your all time favourite platform and game, your true PRECIOUS?

9 thoughts on “Congratulations, you’ve reached level 23

  1. Great timeline! I have almost ten years of life on you, but I have also always been a gamer (though I can’t say my dad was cool enough to be one!). Looking forward to seeing more posts, my friend.


    1. I’d love to hear your timeline sometime! Do you remember your first video game?
      Yeah, I’m luckily to have a gamer dad, if I didnt, I don’t know if I wouldve became a gamer… I can’t even imagine a world without video games so the thought terrifies me!

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  2. I love reading this kind of stuff. My first game was Pokemon on GameBoy… or no, wait, or was it Super Mario 64 on the Nintendo 64? Well, technically that was my brother’s so let’s go with the GameBoy! You have PlayStation tattoos? No way, that’s awesome. You know what, I think age should never erode that kind of love, and I’m sure it won’t. Great post, lots of nostalgia!

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    1. Hey, thanks for taking the time to read my post! Ahh, both games of those games are amazing. Can you remember which Pokemon you played originally? Yeah I have the symbols (triangle, circle, x, square) in colour on my ankle. Funny story – I’m allergic to the magenta square!
      But I agree, I don’t think age could ever break the bond with gaming. I’d be happy to join the group on Facebook! I’ve requested permission!

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      1. Thanks so much for responding. Oh man, I wish I did but I was so young, I must have it laying around somewhere. I remember not being very good at it, at some point my brother just started playing with mine when he got bored of his. Looking forward to seeing you in the group! 😀

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