My ridiculously bad commitment to running

Being from Newcastle upon Tyne, ever since I was little, I’ve had “finish the Great North Run” on my bucket list. Well, this year in January the draw closed for general entry and my name was among those chosen.

It’s amusing to say that my mom acted a little bit like Dumbledore in the Goblet of Fire when she found out I had entered. 

You see, I used to run cross country when I was younger. That was when I was 13. I’m now 23. That’s 10 years with no running, excluding my feeble attempts at holding a gym membership while at university. So, I’m pretty sure no one thinks I can do it, heck, can I even do it? Its a 13.1 mile run after all.

After I found out I had entered the Great North Run, I hadn’t much choice. Since I had a 10 year abstinence from running, I thought it best to get an early start. So, end January, I had began running. I paid for a “Zombies to 5k” application, I figured that if I started small and in 8 weeks could run 5k, it could be a pretty good start. 

The app itself is fantastic, very much like the couch to 5k you have your own personal coach telling you when to run, walk, stretch and so on. But what really pushed me was the fact that I was becoming a ‘runner’, collecting supplies for Abel and escaping zombies. Come week four, I was running 5k, slowly, but I could do it. Then… I lost all motivation. I stopped running. The runs became harder yes, but I got wrapped up in my head about other things and eventually just gave up.

It’s now three month later and I haven’t ran at all. I need motivation. I’m not really sure why I’m blogging about this, perhaps saying it aloud somewhere will give me a push, or, I’m hoping for a miracle motivator in the comments. But really, I’m curious, does this ever happen to you? Have you ever started something and gave up hopelessly before finishing? Did you ever overcome the defeat? 

12 thoughts on “My ridiculously bad commitment to running

  1. I say don’t give up! if you missed the run this time around that just means you have more time to prep for the next time and this next time you will have more motivation hopefully and if you give it your all you can do it.

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    1. Thanks for the motivation! I haven’t missed the run.. It’s in 3 month (eek). It seems hardly enough time to train for a half marathon though.
      Writing this post helped mind, yesterday I actually ran a mile just to get out and run. Hopefully I can get into a routine and build on this! Thanks again for your kind words!


  2. When I ran my first marathon, ( which was about 3 months ago) I used to imagine that my crush was running alongside me and whenever I felt like stopping or quiting, there was this fear of her judging me. This kept me going and I finished that marathon!
    Idk if this will work for you but if you believe in yourself, you can surely do it!


  3. I am into HIIT training and I find my motivation disappears all the time. My fave famous on instagram personal trainer Kayla Itsines says that habits created keeps you going when exercising, if she waited for motivation every time she wouldn’t exercise as much! I’m keeping that in mind and trying to push on while not being hard on myself if I don’t.


    1. I might have to have a look at her account! That’s definitely true. I lack motivation most of the time for running etc.
      I still never got trained enough to run the Half Marathon (it was this past weekend) but maybe next time!


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