Life is Strange: Before the Storm

I legitimately do not have time to write this post, but I cannot contain my excitement any longer, nor do I want to. So here it is, while I’m on my lunch break (and now, at home after a 13 hour day at work- because I didn’t have time to finish earlier).

This morning I woke up to a tweet:

It could not have been a better tweet, the announcement of Life is Strange: Before the Storm. If anyone follows me on Twitter, you would’ve seen screen shot after screen shot of me playing Life is Strange. I sat through it’s original release on Steam, and then again when the Limited Edition was released on PS4. I honestly have an unbelievable amount of love for this game.

The story of Life is Strange follows the protagonist Max Caulfield, a student who discovers she can rewind time while saving her best friend Chloe Price. Max and Chloe soon find themselves investigating the disappearance of fellow student Rachel Amber. Before the Storm is going to act as a prequel to the original game, where you play as Chloe Price. The story will follow Rachel Amber and Chloe’s relationship. While Max is able to rewind time, Chloe is not, meaning that all your choices in this game are permanent. There’s no going back and that already gives me the feeling of recklessness that is the embodiment of Chloe. For those that have played Life is Strange, would you agree?

This is something that I genuinely really wanted from Life is Strange, to know more about Rachel and Chloe. The fact that I’ve been given this opportunity has me so excited I can’t find the words to explain.

Life is Strange was developed by Don’t Nod, but currently they are working on the Life is Strange sequel (yes, this means two Life is Strange projects!!), so the developers working on Before the Storm are Deck Nine Games. I don’t know much about Deck Nine Games, but from their discussion about Before the Storm and Life is Strange, you get the idea that they’re fans and really want to do the franchise proud. So I am all in.

Ashly Burch who is the voice actress of Chloe in the original game, and also Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn, is working on Before the Storm on the writing team. She is crazy talented, I’m very much a big fan of hers and to hear that she’s working on prequel, seals the deal for me- She is the character of Chloe Price, so knowing that she has a say in script, reactions, behaviour of Chloe is so pleasing and again, just adds to the excitement I have for the games release.

Before the Storm is going to be three episodes, with the first due to release on 31stAugust 2017 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC (Steam).

In addition to all of this goodness, we get one more chance to play as Max through the bonus “Farewell” episode, which takes place long before the events of Before the Storm. It’s a stand-alone bonus episode and will be released after episode three, and is only available as part of the Deluxe Edition of Before the Storm (but I mean who’s not getting that edition?).

So between now and the 31st of August, I’m going to have to figure out a way to contain my excitement. Just remember, when the game is released, make your decisions wisely, there’s no going back. What are your thoughts?

12 thoughts on “Life is Strange: Before the Storm

  1. I really need to play the first game! I’ve watched a bit of the beginning and it looks really interesting. As an indecisive person, I wish I had the power to go back in time and change my decisions IRL, lol

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    1. Its honestly a fantastic game! If you have a PS4, Life is Strange was this months free game!
      But I would suggest it to anyone. I realised I was making all the safe decisions because thats how I am irl so second playthrough I did the exact opposite of what I would do irl 😂

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      1. Alas, I have an Xbox, so I think I got the first episode free? Maybe? I’m afraid to try it, because then I’ll inevitably want to buy the rest of it and my wallet would be angry with me!

        Ditto on making safe decisions; I recently played The Wolf Among Us and I made all safe/good guy decisons. I have to make a conscience decision to be mean in video games for some reason. Being mean is hard!

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      2. Lol, at least I’m not the only one! I will *sigh* try Life is Strange soon. You’ve talked me into it. I will just have to prepare my wallet for buying the rest of it very soon, haha

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  2. This game sounds really fun, surprised it is not made by TellTale games as they are known for making games of this genre. I always like games that really count your decisions, even if they will come back to haunt you. Based on your review I definitely want to play the first episode if its free sadly not sure I will be getting it as I have other games coming first on my list.

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    1. Yes! Telltale are fantastic and story telling games but of a very different manner to be honest- you’ll see clear differences when you do play the first ep! Which I’m so happy you want to play because of my review 😁 please let me know what you think of it!!!


  3. Played BtS episode 1 the day it came out.. if I talk too much I won’t be able to resist spoiling, so I won’t say much except “hell yeah.” Deck Nine really seemed to “get” the essence of Life is Strange.


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