Exploring something new

Usually entering Monday morning, I would feel apprehensive for the week ahead. I allowed myself to become trapped by a routine, forgot about putting some time aside for myself. Yes, I would read and play video games but almost to structure. My commute time is set aside for a book and after dinner I play video games until no later than 11pm.

Then, out of nowhere, I meet someone the polar opposite to me, lives on impulse and looks at everything with a creative buzz. Being around them has made me realise that I need to spend time exploring new things. Now that I no longer write, I wanted to explore a new creative outlet – and well, I’ve always wanted to learn more about photography. So, why not.

This “so, why not” is how I, this goody two shoes, ended up in an abandoned building. Exploring something entirely new and out of my comfort zone.


And, it was entirely beautiful. It was forgotten, yet completely alive.

These are my first photos, and no where near as good as I want to be, but it’s also the start of a new hobby. After this experience I went out and bought a film camera, and yesterday I loaded my first roll of film and explored. I found parts of the city I never knew existed and today I woke up with a new energy. Ready to tackle the week and maybe I’ll stick to the “why not” for a while.

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