The Importance of Time

You will hear in your life, over and over, that time is precious and if there has been a moment where I truly appreciated this, it was reading The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom.

As part of The Unread Shelf Project – I have taken to reading the books on my shelves that have been neglected… All 34 of them (view the whole list here, if you’re interested..)

The Time Keeper is the first to be ticked off my list and I truly am ashamed I waited to read this one, even a minute is too long. It’s the kind of novel that you pick up and find it doesn’t leave your hand, you’ll walk around the house with it, eat with it, bring it with you when you get a coffee or a cup of water but you won’t under any circumstances put it down.

The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom


How I came across The Time Keeper? A suggestion from a friendly staff member at my local Waterstones, I was informed it would “blow my mind”.

Through The Time Keeper, Albom tells the story of three very different characters and their relationship with time. Dor, Sarah and Victor.

Dor lives thousands of years before our time. When he was young he noticed that between light and dark, shadows would repeat meeting in the same place. He became obsessed with measuring this repetition, obsessed with measuring God’s gift before he truly understood what it meant.

Banished to listen to his creation for thousands of years, Dor hears calls for more time, pleas for moments to end, and demands for time to rewind / fast-forward. Finally to be truly free, he is challenged to teaching two people the true meaning of time.

Two people who honestly couldn’t be more different. Two people who at first I didn’t think I would connect with, but ended up crying for them both, wholeheartedly. Sarah is a young girl who is faced with no longer wanting time and Victor is an elderly man looking for immortality. Shifting between the characters added great depth to this novel, allowing you room to understand the individual and their relationship with time.

Albom’s writing is beautiful and filled with philosophical lessons. The kind that you hold close to your heart and reflect on when you are laying awake at night. It makes you question your own measurement of time and overall is a fascinating read that had me hooked from the beginning.

If you’ve ever personally said, “there’s not enough hours in the day”, “I’m tired of waiting” or something along those lines. I challenge you to read this book and tell me what you think below.

If you’ve already read The Time Keeper, what did you think?

“Try to imagine a life without timekeeping. You probably can’t. You know the month, the year, the day of the week. There is a clock on your wall or the dashboard of your car. You have a schedule, a calendar, a time for dinner or a movie. Yet all around you, timekeeping is ignored. Birds are not late. A dog does not check its watch. Deer do not fret over passing birthdays. Man alone measures time. Man alone chimes the hour. And, because of this, man alone suffers a paralysing fear that no other creature endures. A fear of time running out.”

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